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Saturday, 2 February 2013

M Ceramics – London’s historical landmark bridges over Britain and Japan ロンドンの歴史的建造物の中で架ける英国と日本の橋

Ms Midori Aoshima, who I had met at the Leach pottery and come to know better through her kind assist in kilning my ceramics, officially moved to London and started her fresh activity at newly-opened atelier “Zen Pottery” at the County Hall. She had to flew back to London before fully enjoy prosperity of her own exhibition held in Nihonbashi Takashimaya in Tokyo which comprised mainly her works from St. Ives.
When I visited the atelier recently I was re-cognizant of the County Hall’s beautiful appearance and structure which stood in superb location, and within it, there were 3 super-sized, stunning kilns sitting and waiting to be fired up.
Carrying Japanese spirit and equipped with skills from the same origin, her enthusiastic manner towards endless search for ultimate creation from the unison of British raw materials and environment, though our styles of works differ, is undoubtingly inspiring.
I cannot deny my high expectation for cooperating with her in future, whether it is for her assistance in creating my own ceramics or decorating hers with my idea of culinary art.
Based on Midori’s impressive connection and insight into the field of British ceramic art, I have great confidence in her future success which is unlimitedly widened by her deep affection to culture of British/Japanese ceramic and culinary art.
St.Ives Leach pottery でお会いし、素人の私が形作った陶器を快く焼成してくださった青島みどりさんが正式にロンドンに移住され、あのカウンティホールに新設されたZen potteryというアトリエで活動を再開されました。