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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Truffle Dinner トリュフディナー

On Thursday 9th of February, the Marlon Abela Restaurants Corporation (MARC),  Umu’s parent company, hosted a truffle dinner for 70 of our most valued regular guests at one of our sister restaurants, called Cassis Bistro. The evening was to have every restaurant in the group create one dish to be served as a course.
Umu, the only restaurant preparing Japanese cuisine in the group, was responsible for preparing first course, after much consideration, deliberation and discussions with the owner, we created a selection of 3  appetisers that would be served as one course.
Foie gras custard, foie gras softened with stock and egg which is made into a custard paste, served with sea urchin and truffle sauce.
Seared fatty tuna with sautéed foie gras in white miso Dengaku and thick truffle sauce with poached egg, topped with slices of truffle.
Finally, julienne truffle served with very lightly grilled seared scallop and Japanese herbs, dressed in truffle and shiso dressing.
To cook and serve simmering hot food together with cold dish on a same plate, especially in a kitchen with limited space, was a little trouble-some, however the service went smoothly, thanks to the supports given by all the staff from all the sister restaurants.
The next course was simple Lobster  and truffle pasta, prepared by  Yvonnic Lalle of Mortons Members club followed by roasted veal prepared by David Escoba of Cassis Bistro, both served with plenty of truffle sauce and shaved truffle. Next course was truffle sandwiched in Brie, and at the end of the meal we served 3 types of truffle deserts with petit four. For the ultimate in decadence, each table had a plate of truffles with slicer, allowing the guests to enjoy all the dishes the way they like. Also thanks to sommeliers for carefully selecting the wines to go with each course, the truffle dinner achieved great success.

UMUの属するMark Restaurants が主催するトリュフディナーが29日、姉妹店のビストロ、Cassisで行われました。

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  1. まさに至福のお料理...。日本の美味しいものとプラスされた贅沢な味わいを楽しまれた事でしょう。素敵な記事をありがとう。