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Friday, 11 May 2012

Revolution of Fish and chips!英国の魚の流通革命

This Photos by Antoinette Bruno StarChefs.com
Time goes by so quickly! It seems like only yesterday that I arrived in the UK when in fact it’s been nearly two years. During this time, I have challenged myself and gained a lot of valuable experience as Umu’s Executive Chef. But my real aspiration, both personally and professionally, has been to improve the quality of the fish we use at Umu and raise the standard of London’s fish markets. I have spent time making direct contact with fishmongers and locals working at the ports. However, after all this time and efforts, I am still nowhere near finding satisfactory solutions to this matter.
I have realised in order to achieve my vision, I have to start right at the beginning and appeal directly to fishermen and fishmongers. By meeting them in person I can hopefully share my passion towards this matter and possibly become a supporter or a collaborator. Unfortunately though I only get a positive and enthusiastic response once in a hundred phone calls or e-mails!
I made the flyer as following to appeal to as many prospective supporters as possible. If you know of anyone, or if you are a fisherman or a fishmonger yourself, and are interested in participating in this project or even just felt my passion, please contact me! I would very much appreciate it.  

Revolution of Fish and chips!
What’s in UK!
  • The sea is known for its clear water and tasty fish.
  • Sold as “fresh fish” according to the delivery date but it is often caught 5-6 days before.
  • Many use a system to stock all fish in the same tank on a 3-4 day fishing trip.
  • Some chefs even spray air freshener and all sorts of chemicals on old fish or serve it with strongly  flavoured sauce to get rid of the smell
  • The fish is sold for a very low price and is poorly treated - disregarding its quality (Line caught sea bass £16 - £30/kg in London)

 What’s in Japan!
  • The sea is known for its clear water and tasty fish.
  • The circulation system used enables fish to be delivered to the dining table within a day of being caught.
  • The system to bring live fish back to the port on a daily basis.
  • The chef’s use techniques to prepare a dish that preserves the ingredient’s best qualities.
  • The fish is appreciated for its quality and sold accordingly (Line caught sea bass £45 - £50/kg in Tokyo; caught at a special location and processed with unique techniques and then sold within a few hours).

 Although Britain is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea with world-class, quality fish, the full potential of these fish is currently not being delivered to dining tables.
It is a known fact that various regulations and strict laws make it harder to succeed and the pity is that such precious sources and quality fish are sabotaged by the time it takes to deliverer to the consumers.

London Olympics is just around the corner, it is an unmissable opportunity to introduce Britain’s underlying potential and the true flavour of local fish to the world.

Let’s work together and make a change to the fresh fish industry!  

*どこで買ってもそれほど違わないために安い値段で取引される魚(Line caught sea bass   £16-£25/kg at London

*鮮度、扱いの違いなどで付加価値が付き、高額で取引される魚(Line caught sea bass £45-£50/kg at Tokyo...Caught at special location and killed with special technic few hours ago)



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