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------------------ 英国の日本料理店 UMU 総料理長 石井義典 のつれづれなる話 ------------

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Petit renewal プチリニューアル

In September, Umu reached the 8th anniversary and has undergone few refurbishments for renewal.  

The distribution system to receive fish, which is preserved in the special method I mentioned here before, finally started to operate smoothly. The stabilization of fresh fish supply, and also better understanding in great food resources of Europe, resulted in significant changes to our menu. Our a la carte menu, which had been firmly fixed throughout a year unlike the Kaiseki tasting menu, became more reflected on daily market availability to include fresher, more seasonal fish. The presentation of menu itself has changed in its style to imitate Japanese scroll, and I personally prepared the background with watercolour painting. I was also aiming to replace the series of tableware completely to comprise only my own ceramics, the ones made by a familiar artist upon my request or organic British slates, however, as suspected, my amateurish creation did not go according to the plan and we started off with a limited selection.  

Removing black cod – one of the most popular dishes – from the menu, and instead concentrated on the ingredients by being particular about their origins and quality, I could say we have created the menu most suitable for the character of Umu.





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