********** Yoshinori Ishii Executive chef of Japanese restaurant UMU in London ******************

------------------ 英国の日本料理店 UMU 総料理長 石井義典 のつれづれなる話 ------------

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

White Truffle ホワイトトリュフ

The time of the year for white truffle to be at its peak and enjoyable to its full potential is here again.
A few of the culinary delights have arrived from a pedlar in Alba, Italy, and it only takes a couple to fill the restaurant with rich, unique aroma.
Served with Scottish lobster, Mediterranean fatty tuna or Australian wagyu beef, the combinations may be considered slightly conventional but the feedbacks from guests could not be better so far.
This heavenly season of white truffle comes and goes in a blink but let’s not forget the arrival of black truffle that follows. 


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