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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Organic Vegetable farmer Namayasai

As autumn is deepening rapidly, I received a call informing me that soon it’ll be time for a break between cultivation of vegetables due to frosting on a field over the winter. Therefore I decided to go visit Robin and Ikuko’s Namayasai LLP, a fully organic farm in Lewis, with some of Umu’s kitchen staff between the hectic schedules. 
Even though distance wise its location is not far from London, considering the lack of motorway, the trip summed up to 2 and a half hour drive. Every one, while letting me - the executive chef - drive all the way, had a peaceful nap in the car… 
This was my second visit to the farm, but comparing to 2 years ago, the variety of vegetables has become richer, and moreover the consistency in keeping the completely organic environment in which the vegetables are cultivated was truly admirable. 
It’ll be shame not to be able to receive their vegetables as we enter the winter, however that’s the real accordance to nature, and that’s why we are given the opportunity to enthusiastically long for the harvest time that will be brought together with blooming in spring. 

秋も深まる中、そろそろ畑にも霜が下りて野菜がなくなるという知らせを受けてぜひその前にと、いつもきれいな野菜を配達してくださるLewisにある完全無農薬栽培の農家、RobinさんとIkukoさんのNamaYasai LLPに忙しい合間を縫って調理場のスタッフ達と行って来ました。



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