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Saturday, 6 May 2017

The International Chef Showcase マカオでのロバートパーカー、ミシュランアジア主催の料理イベント

I went to participate in The International Chef Showcase, a gourmet and wine festival held in Macau, co-hosted by Michelin Asia and Robert Parker. Pairing up with a local restaurant, my part in the event was to serve Kaiseki cuisine paired with wine for 50 guests per day over the course of 4 days. The preparation began as early as last summer; all factors imaginable are taken into consideration, from arrangements of ingredients to a course of service.

The venue was a branch of Tokyo’s renowned Tempura restaurant, Tenmasa, situated in Altria Hotel. Both sides, the venue and myself, coming from Japanese restaurant background allowed the planning to move forward smoothly from negotiation stage.

The Executive Chef Noguchi and Sous Chef Ishii, in fact all staff on site was very helpful, and thanks to all the supports, event concluded with great success. We could utilize Japanese fish and local ingredients which are unobtainable in UK, and I was once again reminded of wide selection of ingredients and high standard professionals available in Asia.

We received a feedback from the Hotel side on insufficiency of total volume of food and had to make an impromptu adjustment, which was a situation I faced for the first time. Such experience had led me to realize a challenge to apprehend characteristics of each nation, nonetheless conversing with each and every guest gave me enormous and irreplaceable joy.
I would like send big thanks to all guests, site staff and organizers of the event, and my team for their contribution in the success of the event.
Michelin Asia Robert Parker共同主催のマカオでの料理とワインの祭典、The international chef showcaseに参加してきました。現地のレストランと共同で4日間、毎日50人前の懐石料理とワインペアリングをサービスするというイベントで、材料の打ち合わせからサービスに至るまで、昨年夏から準備を重ねてきました。

会場となったのはAltira hotel内にある東京の有名天麩羅店の支店、“天政”で、今回は同じ日本料理店ということもあり、交渉段階から非常にスムーズに行えました。



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