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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Me and Ceramic Art 陶芸を再開しました

                     My hand made ceramics in Japan and Switzerland
As an executive chef, monitoring and improving the quality of foods and services the team provide at the restaurant are always priority and in process on daily-basis, however on the contrary, renewing the tableware was something I havent been able to proceed to next step, even though it was always in my mind.
Up until now, we have been using the tableware the former head chef selected, dishes specially made for dainty Japanese Kappou style course menu and also works of local ceramists. All the while I kept trying to figure out what is most suitable for unison of culinary experience of my food and British atmosphere, and finally I came to the conclusion that; I have to create them by myself
I started to develop my interest towards ceramic art almost at the same time as I began aspiring to become a chef in my early 20s, since then I have self-taught myself and visited quite few places well-known for authentic pottery in Japan. In order to learn different varieties, it is important to see with my own eyes as a character of Japanese pottery completely varies depending on location. Most of my works I have done then, with helps with ceramists I had pleasure of knowing, are now in my old home back in Japan, but I still carry some of them with me, even here in London.
In Britain, gathering ingredients and accomplishing all the processes by myself are almost impossible to achieve, needless to say how reckless to even think of fitting a kiln into my itsy-bitsy apartment, and not to let my main role as a head chef be compromised over this, again I will have to have pleasure of working with other ceramists who kindly offered to help. After many discussions and trials and errors, I am certain that we will achieve something astonishing, and I would like to start first trial with British clays and porcelains of Limoges. I already cannot wait to meet them.


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