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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sesame Art 胡麻細工

At this year’s World Economic Forum annual meeting, Davos 2012, Switzerland, Japanese cabinet office will sponsor a buffet party “Japan Night” for the capacity of 500 guests, and Umu has been honourably selected to be executive supervisor of the event. Despite such large scale of party and my team’s willingness to help, it is impossible to bring most of the team with me to the actual event, so instead, I decided to borrow their hands in creating sesame art centre-piece for the main table.
By slowly roasting sesame in a wok, we created sesame in variation of colours, from white to dark brown, and also with black sesame, we line them up one by one on a board which was already pre-sketched to arrange them into the design. I divided 23x15board into 16 smaller boards and gave one each to my team as homework over the Christmas holiday.
The design of this centre-piece focuses on a word “Japan” written by calligraphy artist Ms. Shishu, who was the designer of Umu logo, and he will also be giving a performance on the day of the party. The theme of the event “light” is as well written in Japanese below the word “Japan”, and according to the theme, sesame is arranged to create gradation on the background.  
For some, sesame is lined up perfectly to same direction while some are less meticulous, someone had to re-do due to mistake in colours while the other enjoyed so much that asked to do more. The outcome of the “homework” showed each of my team’s personality and that made this centre-piece more interesting than already was. I am very much looking forward for our team work to shine on the day.
毎年スイスのダボスで行われるダボス会議、世界経済フォーラムの中で日本国内閣府が主催する“Japan Night”の料理の総料理監修を、今年からUMUがすることになりました。500人ぐらいのお客さまを相手にしたブッフェパーティーですが、場所がスイスであるために、当店のスタッフを多く連れて行くことが出来ず、それでいて皆が協力したいと言う気持ちもひしひしと伝わって来たため、料理の仕込み意外に何か皆でできることと思い、メインテーブル中央に飾る看板を胡麻細工で作りました。

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