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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mersea Island festival Mersea島フィスティバル

I was very honoured when I had been invited to be a presenter for the very first festival of Mersea island in Colchester district, so I tagged along sous-chef Neves, his loving wife and a cheeky son, and together we headed to the Northern region of Dover by peaceful train ride.
The site located in a winery field, the festival welcomed significant number of visitors despite unfortunate weather. Other than our presentation booth, entertainments included specially food of the island such as oysters, fish and honey, folk crafts sale and an open-air concert, which together achieved great success.
As a presentation, I performed the fish preserving technique at our booth upon request from local fishmonger, the same skill I had mentioned in my “Revolution of Fish & Chips” project. I was very moved by the great turn-ups of local fishermen and anglers who eagerly observed and became very keen on practicing it themselves. Neves prepared sea bass sashimi while thoughtfully explaining the process, the outcome was heartwarming as many happily queued up to have a taste.
After the event, Darcy from “Colchester Oyster” fishery who was also the main host of the festival gave us a quick tour around the isle by a car. It was my first time to see the Eastern side of the Great Britain, never-ending scenery of the shallow sea and a prairie was breathe-taking. If only the weather was nicer….. It’d have been a perfect day.  


プレゼンでは地元の魚屋の要望で私が最近始めた“Revolution of Fish & chips” の本題である“活けジメ(神経〆)”を解説しました。地元の手釣り漁師も多く集まり、非常に興味を持って“自分たちもやりたい!”と口々に言ってくれたのは本当に嬉しかったです。Nevesの優しい解説と共に造られたスズキのお刺身を多くの人が並びながら喜んで味見してくれたのも微笑ましい光景でした。
イベントの後、主催者である“Colchester Oyster”Darcyが島全体を車で案内してくれました。私もブリテン島の西側を見るのは初めてで、遠浅の海と草原とが果てしなく続く景色はとてもきれいでした。あれで天気さえ良かったのなら。。。最高の一日でした。

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