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Friday, 25 January 2013

New addition to UMU. UMUの新しい仲間

At the end of last year, Mr Kazuya Ishida, an up-and-coming young ceramic artist from Bizen (one of the hometown of Japanese earthenware), who currently resides in London to polish his skill and widen his field of activity, personally delivered a huge vase specially made by him for Umu.
The vase is fully decorated with his speciality skill, which technique I was blown away by when I observed for the first time while he was teaching me potter’s wheel skill few months back, and was made up to be a very powerful piece.
Unlike the standard ceramic vases for Japanese-style drawing room, Mr Ishida had to consider many requests and restrictions creating this particular piece, however the outcome was an outstanding, beautifully finished vase which is yet practical. After only 1 month of being part of the restaurant, the vase is already blending in perfectly to create the Umu atmosphere, almost like it has been where it meant to be for many years.


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